Diagnostic Services

Your decision for choosing us to provide you “Quality Service to keep you safely on the road” will lead to personal satisfaction.

General Maintenance

At Scandinavian Auto Services we’re now famous for our 34 point inspection which is the starting point of our general maintenance services.

Vehicle Systems repairs

At SAS we understand that from time to time our customers experience the unfortunate events of personal vehicle parts or systems failure.

We utilize these tools and technology to provide straight forward answers and solutions to meet our customer needs.

Although we’re not an authorized dealer, our service for Saab, Volvo plus all major foreign and domestic brands is comparable to the best in class.

Our diagnostic service cost structure is the best in class.

It’s important that you consider our Diagnostic Service offerings.

A thorough overall inspection of your precious vehicle is performed by our ASE certified staff, followed by quality maintenance work approved by you based on our practical proposals.

Our General Vehicle Maintenance Services include preventative maintenance work with genuine products recommended for most vehicles.

At SAS we’ll maximize your vehicle’s operative time by offering you general maintenance services that minimizes down time with proactive manufacturer recommended maintenance.

Our objective is to get them back safely and quickly on the road with quality and affordable repair services.

We offer a variety of service options which covers all major foreign and domestic brands with specialties on Volvo and Saabs.

As a customer you will be satisfied with our ability to provide pin point resolutions to any of your automobile issues along with clear customer friendly explanations of your options for practical resolution.

Our Diagnostic Service Offerings

Vehicle Trouble Codes assessment and diagnosis

Engine malfunctioning diagnosis

Transmission and drive train malfunctioning diagnosis

Vehicle Emissions fault diagnosis

Vehicle comfort system (heat & AC) malfunctioning diagnosis

Vehicle Braking , steering and suspension poor performance diagnostic

Vehicle Tune-up

Vehicle Fluids replacement and top-up

Engine malfunctioning diagnosis

Tire rotation and balancing

Brake system maintenance

Comfort System maintenance

Repair service offerings

Engine repair

Transmission and drive train repair

Emissions system repair

Comfort system repair

Braking, suspension and steering systems repair

General vehicle systems repair


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